How We Inspired Thousands Of Students To Take Up Good Habits That Will Stay With Them For Life?

I often go by the saying – Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.
Apart from being a tabler, I’ve partnered up my thinking and execution skills to come up with mega-scale events to raise awareness among the society about the essence of quality living. My inclination is more towards bringing a change among our young friends.
Maybe that’s the reason why we chose to do the following events to promote a sense of life-long learning and adaptation among young minds:
1. Promoting Cleanliness With Creativity
The year is 2014, the honourable prime minister launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to regard the dream of the father of the nation – Mahatma Gandhi. To popularise the same among our bright students, we organised the Longest Pencil Drawing Competition. To execute this mammoth task, we chose the magnificent National Highway 62. On this highway, we lined up for a good 3.5 kilometres, and students sat to draw some authentic sketches with their pencils. To help students stay organised and at ease, we set up portable toilets for them. Along with this, to boost up their spirits, every student was provided refreshments on the D day. A team of 350+ staff members were also present to overlook the whole process.
2. Health Awareness With Mass Yoga
We all know how Yoga can do wonders for us. And introducing Yoga to our students was #1 on our to-do list. That’s why we gathered more than 6000 Central Academy students at the BZS branch and organised all of them to do authentic Vedic Yoga. All of this was done keeping the 40th year’s grand celebration of the Central Academy chain of schools in mind.
3. Ashok Chakra Formation
India is well-known for “Unity in Diversity.” And that’s the same thing that we wanted to highlight with a grand gesture. What better signifies India’s unity than the marvellous Ashok Chakra. We saw an opportunity and grabbed it right away.
About 12000 students, along with 8,500 students of our school, gathered up to form a giant Ashok Chakra. The aerial view of this was magnificent and worth a watch.
4. Celebrating The 150th Birthday Of The Sabarmati’s Saint
Not honouring the Mahatma would be dishonouring the nation. Keeping the same as our ideal thought, we motivated more than 6000 students to dress as Mahatma Gandhi to take the pledge to keep our country green and clean. The oath-taking was headed by Mr Ashok Gehlot. Every student was encouraged to plant sampling by themselves.
5. Acknowledging 40 Awesome Years Of The Grand School
Central Academy has been thriving for the last 40+ years. Through the long course of our journey, we’ve produced many bright students and innovators (more than 1.5 Lakhs). To honour these long years of faithful service, we organised a grand celebratory night. Nearly 10,000 guests attended the function to relive their school memories.
6. School Education Excellence Summit To Prepare Students Ahead Of Their Life Post the 10+2 System
We invited experts from various fields to motivate students about a broad horizon of choosing a career that awaits them after their school life. Our students got to know about the fact that they can make their careers in defence, healthcare, cinema industry, management, and many more. Overall, this was a fruitful experience, for both our students and us.
All these events were primarily focused on making all students better human beings for tomorrow. These events were meant to produce a lifelong soft spot for health consciousness and clean surroundings in the young hearts, along with showing them a new horizon for endless possibilities that lie out there when it comes to choosing a career.