Aankith Mishraa

Area Vice Chairman
Area XII

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Elaborative Events
  • Met More Than 1800 Tablers.
  • Hosted tablers nine times at his scenic accommodation.
  • Aankith was hosted seven times by his fellow tablers at their homes.
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About Aankith


When Aankith is not working, he loves spending time with nature, exploring new places by travelling there. Aankith also decides to be a momentary shutterbug to preserve the best of these scenic memories.

The cupid’s bow hit Aankith in the year 2011 and he married Dr Namrataa Mishrra who proudly flaunts a PhD degree in English Literature. As an addition to their happy family, Mr and Mrs Mishrra were blessed with a baby girl, Anahita. She’s 6 years old now and loves to spend time with her dad.


Aankith is a responsible Promoter & Managing Director of the reputed Central Academy Chain Of Schools. The chain has come a long way and has now branches in many cities - Jaipur, Jodhpur, Pali, Barmer and Falodi.

He has been leading the development of the Institute from the front since the year 2000. Under his visionary leadership, more than 1500 female teachers are providing education to 18000 students.



Got to know about Tabling in the year 2015. Since then, Aankith has been continuously working towards giving back to the community. Through the time he has spent in tabling, he has hosted a wide array of events and met a lot of tablers. Moreover, Aankith has been strenuously working at varied posts. Here’s how Aankith contributed towards Tabling and the Society while holding various posts over the years.

Vice-Chairman, JRT 273 Table
Apart from holding the office as the Table Vice Chairman, Aankith raised more than fifteen lakh by being catalytic in Jodhpur’s first-ever Ran-o-thon. While he was the Vice-Chairman, Aankith also attended the AAGM.
Table Chairman
While we all are here, you should know what Aankith did as the Table Chairman.
COM for:
  • Best Chairman
  • Fund Raising
  • Publicity
  • Fellowship
  • Project
  • RTI Week
COA for:
  • Community Service
  • LAPD
  • Balance Activity
  • Table Project
  • Juniorthon With 5000 Kids To Raise Seven Lakh Rupees
  • Bhamashah
  • Stand-up Comedy Show
- Area Leadership Conclave. - Run For Nation For Income Tax Department with 5000 Runners. - Attended AAGM, TEXT, ALL AEX, NEX (GOA).  - Trophy Supply House.
Area Go Green Convener
Robustly created awareness among people.
- 365 Flyers.
- Area Chairman’s Recognition Pin.
- National President's Recognition Pin.
- National Leadership Conclave.
- Attended World Meet Estonia, AAGM, TEXT, ALL AEX, JAFFA.
- Participated In Table Tennis.
Area Project Convener
Lead the creation of project guides. The project guides are till date used by the Nationals.
- National Peacock Mass Tour Committee Member.
- COM For Best Floor Tabler.
- Area TTT, National TTT.
- Area Chairman’s Recognition Pin.
- National President’s Recognition  Pin.
- Attended Text, NEXT, AAGM, NAGM, ALL AEX, & ALL NEX.
Area Secretary Treasurer

Attended AAGM, NAGM, TEXT, ALL AEX, NEX (Delhi), & JAFFA.

Area Corporate Alliance Co-convener

Contending For Area Vice Chairman

Aankith Mishrra


Apart from holding the various office positions, Aankith has these strengths up his sleeves.

Seamless Event Management
Epic Designing
Strenuous Dedication
Worthwhile Oration
Penning Down Thoughts & Ideas
School Inaugurations

Events Attended

Awards & Achievements

Wouldn’t this endless list of strengths and tabling experience go in vain without any industry recognition? It definitely will. Here are numerous awards and achievements that Aankith bagged throughout his long career as a tabler.

People have recognised Aankith as one of the most emerging visionary leaders among the youth of the state. His contribution towards glorifying Education in unparalleled.

  • 2015: Yuva Ratna Award, by Marwar Industries Association (Awarded for exemplary work in glorifying education in the state)
  • 2016: Veer Durgadas Rathore Award, awarded by His Highness Gaj Singh II (Awarded for distinguished work in the educational field.)

Institutes & individuals started recognising Aankith as an emerging leader in the field of empowering education. Here are some of the trophies he proudly has in his cabinet.

  • 2014: Longest Pencil Drawing World Record, 2014.
  • 2017: Most number of students performing Yoga at one venue.
  • 2018: Depicted the Nation’s Unity by forming the Ashok Chakra with 12000 students.
  • 2019: Remarkable year as 7000 students dressed as Gandhi to plant 50,000 saplings. It was an active move to indicate that the youth is serious about a cleaner and greener country.
  • 2019: Hosted 13,500 students on an online assessment.

Tabling was always Aankith’s first love. People who are close to him know that this is a fact which even Aankith cannot deny. Here are some exemplary achievements that he bagged.

  • 2016: COM for Best Chairman.
  • 2016: Area Chairman’s Recognition Pin.
  • 2016: Recognised By District Education Officer for Shala Mitra Recognition.
  • 2016: Shiksha Bhusan Bhamashah Award, by Education Minister Of The State.
  • 2016: Headed Area Leadership Conclave.
  • 2017: Area Chairman’s Recognition Pin.
  • 2017: National President’s Recognition.
  • 2017: Headed National Leadership Conclave.
  • 2018: COM for best Floor Tabler.
  • 2018: Area Chairman’s Recognition Pin.
  • 2018: National President’s Recognition Pin.
  • 2018: Golden Sergeant’s Belt for Table AGM.
  • 2019: National Train The Trainer.


Deepak Bhansali

When the name Aankith Mishrra comes to my mind the memories of Junior Run-a-thon, the stand up comedy show and the maiden FTE project of 273 immediately flashes up !!! Yes the Jedi Chairman Aankith did it all and that to when the table was just one year old, needless to say these events added immensely to the glory of the Jedi Year, but it also speaks a lot about his ability, compassion and leadership.

We have always heard that strong mind and determination can move mountains and it was the strong determination of Aankith along with his distinctive style of working that has always yielded results in whichever role he has adopted over the years, He has truly lived by the moto of Adopt, Adapt and Improve.

Sq Leg Deepak Bhansali
Jedi Area Chairman 2016-17 Area XII

Having Aankith as AST along with me during my year as Area Chairman was dream come true. His out of the box approach & creative thinking made things extremely easy for me. working with him alongside many events made me aware of his potential to grow as a leader.

I have seen him grow from being Table Vice Chairman to AST and he has performed exceptionally well at all the roles and responsibilities that lay in front of him. As a Go green convener he has been consistent and captivated everyone's attention. As Area Projects Convener, his project handbook was adopted by tables across the country and was well-received by all. Furthermore, all secretaries can vouch for Aankith that he tried to simplify the lives of all the fellow office-bearers.

A go-getter and making things done differently defines him, I wish him all the best for all his future endeavors.

LMF Tr. Nandesh Sancheti
Inspiring Dreams Area Chairman, Area 12, 2019-20
Vinamra Jallan

Mishraji, It Has Been A Real Pleasure Knowing You And Having You As A Friend.

I Have Been Looking At Your Progress From The Time You Became Your Table's Chairman Till Now When You Are The AST Of Our Area And The Journey Is Full Of Some Amazing Achievements.

You Were A Stellar Chairman And You Did Some Really Amazing Events And Boy You Really Did It In Your Own Style And Really Did Take The Entire Table With You Which Is A Sign Of A Good Leader.

In The Limitless Year You Were An Exceptional Go Green Convenor, The Best I Have Ever Seen In Any Area Or Even Nationals A Flyer A Day ...!! It Shows The Determination And The Zeal You Have Through Which You Made A Simple Post So Meaningful !

The Best Year Was The Time When You Were Area 12's APC, In The Transformer Year And I Have Seen Amazing Transformation In You. I Have Seen You Maturing And The Way You Alone Handled The Role, Which Usually Requires 2 , Was Just Out Of The World. I Was Really Lucky To Have You In The Team, Thanks Buddy !

And How Can I Forget Your Year As An AST, Having Been One, I Know How Tough It Is, But The Way You Did It Made It Look So Simple And Easy ... Hats Off Buddy , Waiting To See Your Final Report At The AAGM!

Just As It Is Said Wine Matures With Age So Have You In Tabling... Wishing You All The Best In All Future Endeavors, You Will Always Find Me Next To You !


Vj Sq Leg Vinamra Jallan
Transformers Area Chairman Area XII (2018-19)
Abhinav Wadhwa

Go green is one facet that is not given it's due. Tr. Aankith as Area Go Green Convener took up a different approach of motivating the Area not just to plant trees but also to adapt to greener ways of sustainable living. He backed it up with incredibly designed motivational flyers & videos, which were consistently shared each day throughout the year.

I was glad to share them to various National groups and receive enormous appreciation for the effort. It was a very impactful & out of the box initiative & we are still observing its benefit with tables planting at strategic locations & improving carbon foot print. In my opinion he has been the best Go green Convener.

I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Sq Leg Abhinav Wadhwa
Limitless Area Chairman Area XII 2017-18

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