How We Made People Health Conscious Along With Raising Funds For Upscaling A Rural School?

For the past ten years, Round Table India has been building more than one classroom, every day. In 2016, the Jodhpur Round Table took it up to themselves to carry on the legacy. The JRT 273 table joined wills to organise the first-ever large scale marathon in Jodhpur. This mega-event was to make sure that the message of “Freedom Through Education” reached people on a mass level. It took us a lot of how-tos & what-ifs, but the Suncity never fails to amaze us. With the rising sun, many Jodhpurites showed up to support the cause with their best intentions. As a fruitful result, we were able to host the marathon with 4000 runners.
These motivated runners helped raise a whopping gross fund of 16 lakh rupees, which netted to 4.5 lakh rupees. The fund was then used to build classrooms for the children on the breadline, and empower them with quality education.